My Body &Me: a workshop

Our relationship with food and our body can be tricky at the best of times; for alot of us this has become even more tricky during the COVID-19 lockdown.

If you are wanting to better understand your relationship with food and your body then book onto this online workshop to find out how. This workshop draws upon a range of health psychology models and evidence based therapeutic approaches.

Fee: £20 per person

Upcoming dates:

More dates coming soon!

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Crafts & Conversations for well-being

In collaboration with Moho Crafts Rockpool Psychology presents........

Stop the Clock: crafts & conversations for well-being

A workshop combining creativity & conversations to enhance well-being. In our world of constant demands and pressures, it’s vital to take some time out for you. With us you can while away some time making a unique creation whilst connecting with others and learning how to be more mindful through these challenging times. These workshops will run monthly.

Fee: £22 per person

Upcoming dates: More dates coming soon!

Stop the Clock for mummies: crafts & conversations for well-being 

The journey of pregnancy and becoming a new mummy can be an exciting one but can also bring up lots of other emotions and worries. What can be really helpful is being able to connect with others on this journey, but due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic this has become really difficult to do - until now!

This 75-minute workshop is aimed at promoting well-being through crafts and connecting with other mummies-to-be and new mummies.

Fee: £20 per person

Upcoming dates: More dates coming soon!