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Welcome to Rockpool Psychology 

Rockpool Psychology was set up in 2017 with the aim of supporting people in the management of their health and wellbeing.


Why Rockpool?

You might be thinking that’s an unusual name for a psychology service, why Rockpool? A rockpool is a constantly changing environment where all living things have to adapt to survive. Much like the changing and demanding environment we live in. Here at Rockpool Psychology we aim to help people understand and adapt to the challenges they face, in particular around their health and wellbeing. 

Support at Rockpool Psychology

We live in an environment where we can feel pressure to think, feel, act and look a certain way. We can be left feeling we don’t measure up/aren’t good enough. We can get bogged down by shoulds, musts, if onlys and buts. We can be left criticising instead of celebrating our individual differences and uniqueness.

Are you recovering from injury or illness? Struggling to adjust to living with a physical health diagnosis? Wanting to develop a healthier relationship with food and your body? Or are you wanting to make changes to improve your health and well being but finding it difficult to get started or feeling stuck? Here at Rockpool Psychology we have the experience and knowledge to support people affected by such challenges. We offer a range of support options including one to one therapy, workshops and teaching/training.


Here at Rockpool we know that different people have different needs therefore we tailor therapy to your individual needs drawing on a range of evidence based therapeutic approaches.  


Workshops can be a great way to provide information and practical strategies, as well as an opportunity for helpful conversations and support from other people who understand the challenges you are facing.


Rockpool Psychology can offer teaching and training on a wide range of topics and durations. We can offer bespoke packages to meet your requirements and are happy to discuss your training needs.